The carrot has once more proved that it is at the cutting edge of vegetable innovation, appearing on Waitrose's supermarket shelves yesterday [Thursday] in spherical form.

While being traditionally long and orange, UK consumers already witnessed a trend of carrots in a variety of colours at retail giant Sainsbury this year. Waitrose said that the spherical carrots are a variety developed by Parisian market traders in Paris in the 19th century.

Waitrose insisted that the carrots, which are a similar size to ping pong balls, are perfect for children's school lunchboxes. A spokesperson told ""We think a totally round carrot will encourage children to get their daily source of vitamins. They are also easier to chop and cook and quicker to prepare.'
They will be sold in 75 Waitrose stores across the country, and are attracting a premium price of 89p (US$1.40) for 250g, compared to 12p per 250g for ordinary carrots.