North Little Rock, Arkansas-based Safe Foods Corporation has acquired a 9,052ft² building in Rogers, Arkansas, to house the company's new microbiology, analytical chemistry, applications development and engineering laboratories, and food safety training and conference center.

Curtis Coleman, president and CEO of Safe Foods, said: "This is an extremely significant addition to our company's ability to provide the very best food safety technologies to the food processing industry and ultimately to consumers. This is the first and cornerstone facility for what we envision to be a world-wide network of food safety research facilities."

In making the announcement, Coleman said that work on remodeling the building and equipping the labs will begin immediately. The labs will initially house four full-time employees, including Dr. Amy Waldroup, director of R&D; Gary M. Nolen, director, technical services; and Dr. Kelly Beers, director of laboratory services. Coleman expects the labs, which will operate as "MCA Services", to eventually employ approximately 15 technicians, engineers and support personnel.

According to Dr. Waldroup, lab services to be offered will include:
1. Studies to determine the refrigerated shelf life of various types of food products, raw or cooked. 
2. Routine sampling for spoilage and pathogenic organisms on foods, feeds, or environmental surfaces. 
3. Evaluation of new, emerging food disinfection programs or systems, including the effects of such treatments on the sensory characteristics of foods.

Beers cited "a great need to streamline existing analytical methods so they better fit a particular analytical need," and said that a major capability of the analytical laboratory will be to assist in development of analytical methods. The company will eventually offer hands-on workshops in microbiology and analytical chemistry for new lab techs in the food industry.