Inventor Kramer Lee gained Sara Lee US patent 6203832: "Method for forming casingless  sausages."

Competition: This branch of technology seems inactive, with the Townsend Engineering Company and Campbell Soup Company getting patents in 1975 and 1987.


    Method and apparatus for forming batter into casingless sausages and similar meat products in which an extrudable meat emulsion is simultaneously formed in a generally cylindrical configuration with a cohesive surface from a denaturing solution at a temperature of from ambient temperature to 170° F. The cylindrically formed emulsion is then separated into segments having first and second ends and a defined length, and the formed segments are thereafter introduced to a cooking apparatus. The apparatus for forming the casingless sausages includes extrusion/denaturing application apparatus, cylindrically shaping, sizing, and skin forming apparatus, and an end clamp. Another embodiment includes a heat exchanger to further assist the formation of a skin like surface on the meat product and shorten the cooking time.

First of 5 Claims:

A method of forming a casingless sausage shaped meat product comprising the steps of:

    introducing a flowable meat emulsion into an extruder under pressure to move the emulsion therethrough while simultaneously applying a denaturing solution to form a cohesive surface on the extruder held emulsion at a temperature of from ambient temperature to about 170° F.;
    extruding the meat emulsion in a tubular configuration;
    preliminarily heating the extruded emulsion at a temperature from 140°F. to 180° F. in the extruder;
    forming the extruded and heated meat emulsion into segments, each segment having first and second ends and a defined length; and
    introducing the formed segments into a cooking device at a temperature from 180° Fahrenheit to 210° Fahrenheit.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent