A Scottish inventor has devised a machine that cooks food using the same technology used to dry clothes in a tumble dryer.

Stuart Morrison, of Dunoon, Argyll, developed the “tumblefryer” after a friend said he wanted to produce a mechanical wok.

The tumblefryer, which looks similar to a tombola, workers like a tumble dryer with two drums. A ceramic outer drum heats up whilst the inner drum rotates. This process ensures all the food is cooked evenly.

Morrison believes that if his product ever emerged on the market there could be two versions: one for use in restaurants and a version for domestic use.

Morrison is one of five Scots whose designs were chosen by the Discovery Channel’s What’s The Big Idea programme at its Glasgow roadshow.

The competition’s judges were so impressed they say they will pitch it to manufacturers, reported the Daily Record.

Morrison now hopes his tumblefryer will become a household essential.