Sales growth of more than 4.3% is expected to continue this year in the seasonings category, according to British Pepper & Spice, the UK's leading supplier of retailer brand herbs, spices and seasonings.    This will take the value of the market to £18.9m in 2001, up from £15.6m in 1999, demonstrating the UK's increasing appetite for convenience.

Coupled with the consumer trend into more diverse cuisine, the total herbs, spices and seasonings sector is expected to be worth over £83 million by 2003.  This positive market outlook follows steady increases throughout the 1990s, when the retail herbs and spices market saw rapid growth of 5.2 % in 1999 to £71 million.  It is predicted to rise by a further 17.6% by 2003.

"Consumers are looking for quick and convenient meals in an increasingly busy world," said Ian Kelland, marketing and sales director of British Pepper & Spice.  "Seasoning blends offer the answer for those who want to cook at home, but don't have time to start from scratch."

"Consumers are drawing inspiration from celebrity chefs and their experiences when eating out.  In fact, over 9 million Britons regularly cook curries at home, experimenting with herbs and spices to recreate a diverse range of ethnic dishes*."

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* TGI 2000 data