GE corn StarLink was found in 99% of the quarantined farm goods imported into South Korea during 2000, according to a report published by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).

Developed by Aventis CropScience and grown in the US, the corn has not been approved for human consumption because of concerns over a potential allergic reaction in consumers. Authorities in the US and around the world have spent much energy however recalling and quarantining products containing the corn, which had been distributed or imported illegally.

According to the KFDA report, a total of 0.59% of imported agriculture products were quarantined last year and the first StarLink related recall was ordered over 14,528kg of tortillas last November. 93% of the banned imports came from the US, while China sent 2,051 tons, Vietnam 481 tons, Thailand 91 tons and Italy 53 tons.

Korean importers have now launched a court battle against Aventis for compensation, hoping to recover some of the huge losses incurred through unwittingly importing StarLink.