Nanogen, Inc. (Nasdaq: NGEN) today announced the purchase of a NanoChip(TM) Molecular Biology Workstation by SKW Nature Products, a German company.

SKW Nature Products is one of the largest global players in the food additives market. Providing nature-based products with functionally important and physiologically valuable ingredients, SKW Nature Products enhances the structure, taste and quality of food in order to help its customers attain a more healthy and comfortable life. Their product portfolio comprises a wide range of texturizing carbohydrates, many different flavors, and numerous bioactive ingredients such as phospholipids, probiotics, herbals, nutritional oils, etc. SKW Nature Products utilizes biotechnological processes like fermentation or enzymatic catalysis to improve food additives.

Dr. Ulli Hoppe, Vice President Research & Development at SKW Nature Products commented, "We've been looking for a technology that would enable us to create gene expression assays to measure the biomedical effect of food additives on consumers. The NanoChip(TM) System's ability to adapt to our own proprietary gene expression technology and also finely control experimental conditions through electronics provides an ideal platform for our needs."

Howard C. Birndorf, Nanogen's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer commented, "We are very pleased with the interest shown by SKW Nature Products in our NanoChip(TM) System and with the initial results demonstrated in our Customer Applications Laboratory for assays assessing the biochemical effects of food additives. We look forward to providing the NanoChip(TM) System to companies who desire to expand the System's range of applications to other fields."

Nanogen recently began marketing its NanoChip(TM) Molecular Biology Workstation and its NanoChip(TM) Cartridge to scientists and genomics laboratories, setting new standards for SNP scoring. Nanogen is developing a series of electronics-based products to help researchers and clinical healthcare providers accelerate their practical understanding and use of genetic information. The products introduced and under development are intended to provide quick and accurate analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins, "bridging" the research and clinical diagnostic settings. For information on purchasing the NanoChip(TM) System in the U.S., please call 1-877-Nanogen or visit and in Europe, please call Peter Halkjaer-Knudsen, European Marketing Manager at 011-45-45-767202 or visit For additional product and company information, please visit Nanogen's web site at

SKW Nature Products is a division of SKW Trostberg AG, a German company which produces and manufactures specialized chemicals for a variety of industries. In 1999, SKW Trostberg had approximately 18,000 employees and net sales of approximately 6.8 billion Euro worldwide. In January, 2001, SKW will merge with Degussa-Huls AG to form the world's leading producer of specialty chemicals. The new company, Degussa AG, will have approximately 60,000 employees and net sales of approximately 19 billion Euro worldwide.

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