US snack group Snyder's-Lance has continued its NPD drive with a spoon-shaped pretzel consumers can use to "scoop up" dips, cheese and spreads.

The double-ended Pretzel Spoonz is available nationwide and retails for around $3.69 for a 12-oz. bag.

Snyder's-Lance touted the health benefits the new product can bring consumers. The company said the baked Pretzel Spoonz have 1.5g of fat per serving and are a "a healthier alternative to other dip pairings such as chips, which are often fried".

The company has launched a series of products in the early weeks of 2014. It has developed a new range of "bite-sized" corn snacks, expanded its line of gluten-free pretzels and added flavours to a number of product stables.

Synder's-Lance also launched Bolds, a range of crackers containing "bigger, bolder flavours".