Patients in Gloucestershire, UK-based hospitals will once again be able to order the traditional pudding of Spotted Dick.

Three years ago, the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust introduced a name change in an attempt to be politically correct. Longterm favourite dessert Spotted Dick (a sponge pudding with dried fruits) was renamed 'Spotted Richard' when it was felt that patients might be embarrassed to order the pudding by its traditional name.

However, when new menus are printed in a few months' time, the old name will make a comeback. Catering manager Mike Byrne is reported by the BBC as saying: "This is one of those things that was changed several years ago. I don't think there's really any particular reason not to change it back.

"The traditional puddings are very popular with patients and always have been and I don't think people get embarrassed by the name. It's not even as though people have to ask for it - they tick a box on a menu card to order their food."