Tangerine Confectionery launches Pop n Pour under the Butterkist brand

Tangerine Confectionery launches Pop 'n' Pour under the Butterkist brand

UK confectioner Tangerine Confectionery has launched a new Pop 'n' Pour product under its Butterkist brand.

The Pop 'n' Pour cartons comprise two bags of plain popcorn and two sachets of flavoured sauce to be poured over the popcorn once cooked.

Helena Blincow, Butterkist brand manager, said: "We're very excited to announce the launch of this truly innovative product to the Butterkist portfolio. Pop ‘n' Pour has been developed based on the rising trend of consumer engagement and involvement with products."

The new range is available in two flavours: Chocolate and Chocolate Orange and both flavours are under 70 calories. RSP is GBP2.29 (US$3.86).

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Tangerine Confectionery, the maker of the UK’s number one popcorn brand, Butterkist, has unveiled a brand new innovation in the popcorn industry, with the launch of a range of Pop ‘n’ Pour products, which invite consumers to enjoy microwave popcorn in a new and exciting way.

The Pop ‘n’ Pour cartons consist of two bags of plain popcorn and two sachets of deliciously flavoured sauce. Consumers warm a sachet of sauce in warm water, whilst the popcorn is popping in the microwave; once ready they drizzle the sauce over the popcorn, creating their own truly irresistible treat in minutes.

Available from May, the 220g Pop ‘n’ Pour products launch in two mouth-watering flavours, Chocolate and Chocolate Orange. The products have a MRRSP of £2.29.

Helena Blincow, Butterkist Brand Manager, said: “We’re very excited to announce the launch of this truly innovative product to theButterkist portfolio. Pop ‘n’ Pour has been developed based on the rising trend of consumer engagement and involvement with products. In the last year alone the Butterkist microwave range has seen a sales growth of +32 per cent*.

“We predict the Pop ‘n’ Pour range to do extremely well, especially as the Chocolate flavour boasts only 64 calories per serving and the Chocolate Orange 67 calories. The new range adds to the variety of popcorn that can be enjoyed from the comfort of consumers’ homes.”

Butterkist is also adding to its Limited Edition range in May with the launch of a British classic, Strawberries & Cream flavour popcorn. Available only for the summer, this light, refreshing popcorn offers a new and unique way to enjoy a summer staple, and makes for the perfect snack to enjoy Wimbledon with. The 150g Limited Edition Strawberry & Cream flavour popcorn has an MRRSP of £1.

Helena continues: “The new Limited Edition pack continues our brand’s momentum for driving new and exciting news onto the shelves for our consumers. The Limited Edition umbrella allows us to add new and unique flavours to the category, whilst ensuring relevancy to key market trends and the timing within the year.”


Butterkist is also launching two new variety multipacks, a Classic Variety six pack and a Savoury Variety six pack. Both launch in May, with an MRRSP of £1.69, promoted to a £1.


The Classic Variety six pack comprises of the market leading flavours with two Toffee packs, two Sweet Cinema Style packs and two Salted packs. The Savoury Variety six pack builds on the rising trend for savoury popcorn; with market leading savoury flavours, it contains two Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar packs, two Sour Cream & Chive packs and two Thai Sweet Chilli packs. Each of these savoury packs has less than 40 calories a bag, making it a delicious alternative to other snacking products.

These two new variety packs are the ideal purchase, offering something that everyone can enjoy as either a snack between meals or as part of a lunchbox.


Helena concludes: “Butterkist’s Variety packs make a great addition to consumers snacking choices and can be included as part of a well balanced lunch with low calorie counts for each of the individual packets. The Classic and Savoury Variety packs cater to all the family with an appetising range of flavours in one accessible pack format.”


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Original source: Tangerine Confectionery