Tastybaby, the organic baby food company, has launched its tenth organic frozen food, "Corn in the USA", made from 100% organic American sweet corn.

The line will be available from the end of March in 75 select grocery and natural foods stores nationwide.

In the six months since the brand was launched, Tastybaby has secured national distribution will soon announce expansion into the rocky mountain region, the southwest and southeast.

"We take our mission to create pure and healthy foods for babies and toddlers very seriously, but our attitude is playful and parents are responding really positively," said Shannon Swanson, co-founder of Tastybaby.

The new products include two ranges, "Life's a Peach" and "Peas on Earth," and come in boxes containing three 3.5oz individual, re-sealable cups and retail for about US$5.50.

Health concerns in the US are driving up sales of organic baby food and drinks.

A survey by Mintel in November reported that over 60% of American mothers place a high value on "all natural" food despite its higher price.