Tesco is launching an extensive line line of Italian products through the Italiano range.

The Italiano line includes pizzas, calzones, pizza crust dunkers, salad dressings, breads and pastas.

With Italian food representing a sizeable category in the UK, Tesco said that it aims to deliver a "restaurant quality" experience with this array of new products.

The launch comes as the UK retailer looks to boost its quality credentials and consumer appeal.   

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With their fabulous new Italiano range, Tesco can now provide a genuine at-home Italian experience. Good enough to rival any restaurant, the range of authentic Italian bread, pizzas, pasta and pasta sauces allow us to eat our favourite Italian dishes just like Mamma makes, from the comfort of our home!

Tesco understand the importance of doing things properly - and their range of Stonebaked Pizzas contain nothing that Italian cooks wouldn't use in their own kitchen. The dough is slowly fermented using traditional methods for authentic taste.

Take a bite and you're transported to a bustling Naples piazza, without ever leaving home. The question is - how do you choose from meaty Chicken and Bacon, Ham and Mushroom or Mature Cheddar with Red Onion.

For a restaurant-style treat in the comfort of your living Cheddar &try one of the new room, Red Onion Pizza PizzaExpress pizzas, with some lines exclusive to Tesco. These top of the range pizzas come in three fabulous varieties. Choose from Quattro Formaggio - topped with a rich, indulgent mixture of melting mozzarella, gorgonzola, fontal and grana padano cheese, it's a cheese lover's dream! Or, for something lighter, there's PizzaExpress Pomodoro Pesto - marinated fresh tomatoes, basil pesto and plenty of mozzarella, brushed with garlic oil for a final flourish. Last but by no means least, PizzaExpress Pollo Pesto is topped with smoky chargrilled chicken, sweet, roasted red peppers and fresh basil pesto.

Named after the baggy trousers sported by the gentlemen of Naples in the 18th Century, calzone is simply an inside out pizza. Handcrafted from dough that's left to rise slowly for extra flavour, these Italian pizza parcels are a break from the norm. Cut into the perfectly crisp golden crust to release oozing, molten mozzarella and big bold fillings such as Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom, Spicy Meat Feast and Pepperoni.

After a long week at work, try Tesco Full on Flavour takeaway pizza range, which has all the flavour at a fraction of the cost. Already available in store, each stonebaked pizza base is dusted with semolina, generously topped with Full of Flavour sauce and finished with melting mozzarella and other mouthwatering ingredients. Choose from Piri Piri Chicken - whole pieces of chicken coated in sweet and spicy piripiri sauce or Texas BBQ Chicken for a smoky flavour of the Deep South. Brand new is the Ultimate Chilli con Carne - tender beef, kidney beans, peppers and onions finished with big, bold, spicy chilli sauce and extra mozzarella. At just £3 each (or 2 for £5) Tesco Full on Flavour pizzas are an affordable treat for the whole family! Add a bottle of robust Italian red wine and a good movie for the ultimate evening in.

Brand new are the cleverly created Pizza Crust Dunkers - designed especially for the leftover pizza crusts that are all too often left on the side of the plate. The dunkers are available in three moreish flavours - try smoky BBQ sauce with a simple cheese and tomato Margherita, rich Sour Cream and Chive alongside a ham and mushroom pizza or punchy Chilli Chipotle Mayo with a spicy pepperoni pizza.

For another innovative idea, try the Dip, Dress, Drizzle range of dressings that do just what they say on the tin! There are three different varieties - sweet Balsamic, fragrant tomato and basil, and garlic. These clever little dressings can be used as a dip for warm bread, crunchy crudités or crisp breadsticks, a dressing that'll brighten up any green salad - AND a drizzle that will jazz up any hot-from-the-oven pizza or add instant depth of flavour to a simple pasta dish. Buonissimo!

If you need a quick and easy starter - why not try one of Tesco new Italian breads.
Tiger Garlic Baguette not only tastes great with its garlic and parsley filling and light crisp crust, but it looks fantastic too - lightly brushed with a tiger glaze to give it its trademark stripy appearance. Serve on a wooden board with Tesco's Dip, Dress and Drizzle dressings alongside for an eye-catching way to kick start a meal. Or for something different, Tesco handcrafted flatbreads are made from a base of traditional olive-oil rich dough, slowly-fermented for maximum flavour and topped with mouthwatering combinations of sweet sunblush tomato with garlic and parsley butter or a blend of 4 cheese - Italian provolone, regato and mature cheddar cheese, hand finished with creamy Mozzarella. Perfect to share alongside pizza and salad, or warm in the oven for an authentic Italian street-food snack. Authentic, delicious and first to market, try the new Tesco Garlic & Parsley Focaccia or Finest* Artisan Baguette

There's no dish more reminiscent of Italy than a simple bowl of pasta. And for maximum Italian flavour, Tesco been working with a family run producer in Venice to make fresh free range egg pasta which they use for their chilled Finest* filled pasta range. It doesn't get much more authentic than that! Not only do Tesco use best- quality ingredients to ensure a truly Italian dish, but they've improved the recipes too. They've upped the quantity of authentic Italian ingredients in each of the recipes and used only olive oil for extra flavour. For instance, the rich, luxurious Tesco Italian Five

Cheese Ravioli is stuffed with authentic Italian cheeses: Spicy Provolone, Montasio, Mozzarella, Pecorino and Grana Padano. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil, some torn basil leaves and a tomato salad or for the ultimate indulgence, gently reduce a glass of white wine in a pan over a low heat. Add a splash of double cream, plenty of black pepper and some prosciutto crudo, roughly torn. Pour over the ravioli and serve.


Original source: Tesco