UK retailer Tesco is to trial an onion developed to prevent the common phenomenon of making consumers cry.

Supasweet onions have been bred to be low in pyruvic acid, the constituent in onions that combines with waters in the eye to produce a stinging sensation that results in tears. The Supasweet onion is said to be so sweet that one can be bite into it like a piece of fruit, and will be ideal for use in salads.

It is also high in vitamin C, says Tesco. The onion is to be piloted in 200 stores throughout the UK, retailing at £0.99 (US$1.59) for two.

Meanwhile Conservative MP John Hayes expressed anger that the project that developed the onion had been paid for by taxpayers, while Tesco alone was gaining the benefit. The project that resulted in the Supasweet onion cost £300,000 of taxpayers' money and was co-funded by the horticultural industry, reported the Mirror.