The latest data from the just-food international basket, published today, covers the fourth quarter of 2011.

The basket is a group of 17 items from tuna to milk that will highlight the difference in price between national brands and own label in seven international markets. Amid the worst economic conditions for a generation, shoppers are becoming more promiscuous in their behaviour and the data will prove valuable to brand manufacturers, own-label suppliers and retailers alike.

Rod Street, executive vice president of consulting at SymphonyIRI, provides analysis of this data here

Cereals 500 Single Medium Box
Rice  500 Single Packet
Canned tuna fish 185 Single Can
Ambient wet soup 400 Single Can
Ambient Mayonnaise 400 Single Jar
Frozen Pizza 400 Single Average Size Pizza
Frozen Burger 224 4 Pack
Yogurts 500 4 Pack
Margarine 250 Single Tub
Butter 250 Single Packet
Wet cat food 400 Single Can
Milk - Ambient 568 One Pint
Beer 440 Single Can
Fruit juices - Ambient 1000 Single Carton
Energy drinks 250 Single Can
Tea bags 500 160ct Packet
Colas 1320 4 cans

The Netherlands saw the biggest year-on-year jump in the value of the just-food international basket, with the total price increasing 7.3%. Greece was the only country covered to see the basket price decline.

If the basket was only made up of brands, its value would have increased the most in the Netherlands. If the basket contained only retail brands, the value of the basket would have risen in every market, including Greece.

Branded suppliers closed the price gap with retailers' own label in a number of markets. This can be seen most strongly in Greece where it moved nearly 3% but it has also dipped in markets like the Netherlands and Italy.

A mixed picture but it was in the UK where the percentage of food sold on promotion increased the most, by 1.4 percentage points.