Moving on from McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut to other chains in China is proving difficult. The globe's fastfood chains had hoped that the success of the big three restaurant operators would rub off on them. However, it is proving difficult.

Yum! launched its Taco Bell brand in Shanghai with beer and waitress service. However, it is not that popular, has not caught on and restaurant critics have found the food bland and boring - this despite claims that the chain had undertaken extensive taste testing prior to finalising the menu and opening.

In Shenyang in northeast China a Shakey's Pizza outlet has opened adjacent to a new Wal-Mart hypermarket. However, it remains to be seen whether or not Shakey's can repeat the success of Pizza Hut, which still has queues at many of its outlets across China. Shakey's has managed to get a foothold in other Asian markets such as Malaysia so China may be a possible.

Others have tried and found China tough. Despite being massively successful and beating McDonald's in the Philippines, local chain Jollibee pulled out of a trial run in China only to re-enter earlier this year through a new joint venture. For Jollibee caution is now the watchword in China. The Jollibee example is a case study for any
Foreign food chain thinking about China.