ULTIMATE FRANCHISE SYSTEMS, INC., formerly known as Jreck Subs Group, Inc., a fully reporting franchise management company, today announced the opening of the first co-brand venture combining its Kokopelli's Pizza concept with Central Park, Inc. Central Park, Inc. is a 62 unit double-drive through hamburger chain that Ultimate Franchise Systems, Inc. is in the process of acquiring. The stores were opened at the Carowinds Amusement Park, Charlotte, NC. Carowinds is one of six amusement parks in the Paramount chain. The opening includes a Central Park and a Kokopelli's brand inside the park's employee cafeteria. The park, which is open from early April until October, employs between 1,000 to 1,500 people.

FDY, Inc. is Central Park's franchisee for the location. FDY operates and manages foodservice operations in the business and industry segment. They primarily operate and manage foodservice operations in colleges and large corporate cafeterias. FDY, Inc. is a current franchisee of multiple Li'l Dino Deli & Grille stores, another concept owned by Ultimate Franchise Systems. FDY, Inc. has operations in North and South Carolina and Virginia.

Christopher M. Swartz, President & CEO of Ultimate Franchise Systems, Inc., said, "We believe that the pizza - hamburger combination will prove to be a dynamic concept for our existing franchise family, as well as new franchisees. We are also presently testing selected markets for combining the Kokopelli's Pizza concept with our submarine sandwich shops and thus far, the results are very encouraging. In addition to introducing the co-brands to large corporations, we find that we need to give today's family a choice of concepts when selecting their favorite restaurants to patronize and believe that pizza, subs and hamburgers will give them exactly the variation they are looking for. We believe the dynamics found on college campuses are also a good fit for this combination and we hope to continue and expand our presence at these non-traditional locations."

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