Unilever cooperating with Israel health ministry probe

Unilever cooperating with Israel health ministry probe

Israel's health ministry has suspended Unilever's manufacturing licence in the country after breakfast cereal thought to be tainted with salmonella was dispatched from one of the company's plants in southern Israel to supermarkets.

The ministry said Unilever had cooperated fully with an investigation into the incident at the Arad facility. The ministry said there had been "a series of negligent mistakes and not an incident with malicious intent by the firm's management and quality control procedures".

As of 7 August, the source of the outbreak not been found and the ministry said it had recommended employees also be tested.

Some "corrective actions" have been carried out and daily sampling is now taking place. However, the ministry said Unilever's manufacturing licence would remain suspended until a full investigation has taken place.

According to reports, around 240 boxes of Telma cereal suspected to be contaminated are thought to have been sent to stores and sold on to consumers. However, the ministry did not confirm this and Unilever has yet to respond to a request for comment.