Unilevers Kissan Twists to appeal to "older kids" in India with added spice

Unilever's Kissan Twists to appeal to "older kids" in India with added spice

Unilever as extended is Kissan ketchup brand in India with the launch of Kissan Twists, a line aimed at "homemakers with older kids".

The company said the range brings together "spicier" and "more exciting" flavours. New products include a Kissan Sweet & Spicy Twist ketchup and a Kissan Chilli Tomato Twist.

Coinciding with the launch, the Kissan brand has entered a tie-up with Pizza Hut to introduce "the ultimate big pizza: spiced by Kissan Twist". The pizza will be available at Pizza Hut restaurants for a limited time.

A spokesperson for Hindustan Unilever, the company's local arm, told just-food: "We believe that our association with Pizza Hut will help us deliver a truly exciting offer to our target audience by leveraging their love for both the brands – as Kissan and Pizza Hut converse with the same audience that is aspiring for an evolved sensorial experience.

"This association will help us reach out and sample to a larger audience whereas Pizza Hut is confident that partnering with Kissan Twist will help add an extra zing to its pizzas and delight its customers."