Cadbury is launching a new mail blitz with the aim of driving women to buy Flakes. Cadbury Trebor Bassett's new advertising campaign for Flake targets women by offering a "moment of pure pleasure" and creating a ritual around unwrapping the bar. This is a valuable marketing technique as growing pressure on women sees them look for a moment of indulgence and pleasure in an otherwise hectic and stressful day.

Cadbury is launching a new direct marketing campaign for Flake, targeting women with the concept of indulgence and pleasure. The tagline for the campaign is "unwrap moments of pure pleasure" and the mailings have been designed in the shape of a Flake bar. The goal of the campaign is to drive home the association between unwrapping a Flake and a momentary indulgence.

This is a sound position for chocolate and confectionery products to adopt. Both Galaxy and Dairy Milk have recently launched similar campaigns based on creating strong emotional resonance with the product. This escapism and 'antidote to reality' approach targets an important desire: taking a break from the stresses of the day and giving oneself a treat.

Women are more open to this indulgent approach. This is because they have more pressure on their time than men and consequently cannot look forward to a later opportunity to relax. EU statistics show that women spend more time on household chores than men and sleep less. For women, therefore, the prospect of instant gratification in the form of a chocolate bar is a more tempting offer.

The need for daily indulgence also carries beyond confectionery. Increasingly, women's shower gels, haircare products and toiletries are marketed as offering a moment of pleasure in an otherwise routine day. Herbal Essences and Organics, for example, sell their products almost entirely on the sensation of using them rather than their functionality. Everyday treating is an important concept in marketing indulgent products to women as it highlights a real value that the product can offer. Cadbury's attempt to re-enforce this by emphasising the ritualistic action of opening the Flake wrapper is a sound part of this strategy.

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