The offices of global retailer Wal-Mart Stores' Chilean operation, as well as other local retailers, have been raided by the country's competition agency.

On Wednesday (14 December) the FNE authorised police raids at several supermarket chain's offices as part of an investigation into alleged unfair practices, seizing computers.

The supermarkets under investigation are Cencosud's Jumbo chain, Wal-Mart's Lider stores, Falabella's Tottus outlets and the Unimarc chain, the FNE said. "Today's proceedings were conducted in the framework of an ongoing investigation, referring to any behaviour or practices that might be contrary to free competition," it added.

A spokesperson from Wal-Mart said the Chile issue is "completely unrelated" to its own ongoing corruption probe.

"Faced with a requirement of regulatory authorities, our company is providing all the information requested to assist in the investigations carried out, while expressing its willingness to cooperate in any steps required," the spokesperson added.

"Also, our company emphasises its strict adherence to current legislation and its commitment to the principles of free competition, always with a view to providing an attractive proposition of value and quality to customers."