Wal-mart will build “several dozen” stores in Chicago

Wal-mart will build “several dozen” stores in Chicago

US retail giant Wal-Mart has announced plans to build “several dozen” stores in Chicago with the creation of around 12,000 jobs.

The retailer said yesterday (21 June) that it will work with the city over the next five years as part of a long-term initiative called the ‘Chicago Community Investment Partnership’.

Wal-Mart said the plan will help "eradicate food deserts and stimulate local economic development".

"We want to deliver long-term solutions that benefit Chicago and its residents," said Hank Mullany, executive vice president and president of Wal-Mart US's Wal-Mart North division. 

“While our goals are dependent on our ability to site and build stores in a timely fashion, we remain confident that we can make a real difference to Chicagoans in need of a job and those who seek more convenient access to fresh, affordable food, especially those living in the City's underserved communities."

Wal-Mart said that along with the Wal-Mart Foundation it plans to commit $20m over the next five years that will include an annual donation of 1.2m meals to Chicago residents and 200,000 meals for children this summer.