Walmart Canada is to roll out a sustainability programme under the banner "My Sustainability Plan" (MSP).

The programme provides Walmart Canada's 85,000 associates with a vehicle to integrate environmental practices directly into their daily lives, the company said.

"Environmental sustainability continues to be one of the top issues on the minds of our associates," said David Cheesewright, president and CEO of Walmart Canada. "Our new MSP programme is designed to empower Walmart associates to engage sustainability on their own terms. It stands for helping our associates live greener, healthier and better, and underscores that together we can make a world of difference because these small steps quickly add up."

Built around three pillars of Planet, Health and Life, "My Sustainability Plan" asks Walmart associates to identify something they are passionate about, develop a plan to make it part of their daily lives, track their progress, and ultimately share their story with other associates.

Examples of MSPs include carpooling, cleaning up a local park, quitting smoking, recycling, switching to sustainable products and using reusable shopping bags.

The new MSP program builds on an initiative undertaken in 2008 at Walmart Canada which saw the company's associates log more than 325,000 personal sustainability projects across Canada.

"Our ultimate goal is to have 100% of our associates engaged in the new MSP programme by next year," said Cheesewright. "Incorporating sustainability into our daily lives can have a tremendous impact on the environment and on our lives. Small acts can add up to big wins."

Walmart Canada and Walmart Brazil are the first two operations within Walmart's 15-country network to launch the new MSP programme. The company expects to roll the programme out in all 15 countries in the future.