Warburtons new Protein range contains blend of pulses and grains

Warburtons' new Protein range contains blend of pulses and grains

UK baker Warburtons has developed a protein-enhanced range of bakery products for sale in its domestic market.

Warburtons said each product is baked with pulses and grains and is "high in both protein and fibre without compromising on taste, providing consumers with an easy way to increase their protein consumption whilst enjoying their favourite bakery products".

The new range of Protein wholemeal loaves, rolls, thins and soft wraps builds on the growing number of major brands that have "brought about a shift" in making added-protein products available in "mainstream" stores beyond health food retailers and online, Warburtons said.

Warburtons innovation director Darren Littler said the company was dedicated to expanding its ranges "to meet evolving consumer tastes and needs".

"It became clear to us that there was a real demand for a protein-packed option that tastes just like normal bakery, and our new Protein range makes it easy and convenient for people to enjoy more as part of their daily routine," Littler said.

Each average 29g slice of the new loaf contains four grams of protein, 0.28g of salt and 0.6g of sugars. A 68g roll contains an average of 9.5g of protein, 0.67g of salt and 1.5g sugars. Each average 28g wrap contains 10.2g of protein, 0.67g of salt and 2.4g of sugars. Each average 50g thin contains 7.4g of protein, 0.49g of salt and 0.7g of sugars.

The Protein range made its debut in the bakery aisles of Asda's stores yesterday (5 September) and will be rolled out across other multiple and convenience retailers nationwide throughout the month.