Cloetta Fazer, the Nordic confectioner, insists its Finnish distribution deal with Wrigley will survive its acquisition of local functional gum maker Fennobon.

In an exclusive interview with just-food, Cloetta Fazer CEO Jesper Åberg said the company's relationship with Wrigley in Finland should survive.

"We haven't had discussions with Wrigley yet as [the Fennobon acquisition] was only finalised this morning (30 November) but we have had a good relationship with Wrigley and I am sure we can find some solution.

"The Wrigley and Fennobon assortments complement each other; Wrigley focuses more on over-the-counter packages and Fennobon is big in bigger packets of gum, which is something of a Finnish phenomenon."

Cloetta Fazer, the largest confectionery producer in the Nordic region, announced the acquisition of Fennebon for an undisclosed sum today.

Fennebon, whose well-known brands include XyliDent- and Mumin xylitol chewing gum, exports 40% of its gum to countries like Japan, the US and Germany.

Chocolate makes up some 60% of Cloetta Fazer's business but Åberg said the company wanted to expand outside its core category.

"We have represented Wrigley in Finland, which has given us quite a nice position but of course, over a long-term perspective, we want to develop our own brand."

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