Wrigley has re-designed its Extra range for the UK market to give it an "injection of coolness and modernity".

While retaining some of the most recognisable features of the UK's number one gum packaging, the new logo and packaging have been designed to maximise on-shelf impact.

Wrigley's Extra brand generates GBP184.7m in annual sales.

Commenting on the move, Wrigley's marketing director Toby Baker highlighted how important it is for the packaging to stand out.

"We're confident that the eye-catching new design will be well received by Extra consumers so we encourage retailers to stock up in anticipation of increased demand," Baker said.

The rebranding will be supported by a television campaign that emphasises the "freshness benefits" of consumption, titled "Get Extra Close".

The company also highlighted the importance of NPD to the Extra brand. The latest additions to the range are Extra Polar Ice and Extra Arctic Ice.

Last week, confectionery rival Mars agreed to buy Wrigley in a deal worth US$23bn.