W&W Spices has been slammed for its stated intention to purchase nutmegs directly from farmers at higher prices than those currently offered by the Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (GCNA). Laws on nutmeg in Grenada, which produces about 25% of the world's nutmeg crop, currently prohibit farmers from selling their crop outside the associations.

Accusing W&W of an underhand attempt to destroy the industry by undermining a co-operative agreement, GCNA manager Terrence Moore commented: "It became evident that W&W Spices was not acting in the spirit of cooperation and strategic relationship."

W&W, a subsidiary of W&W Electronics, has also received criticism for its intention to hire GCNA's top technician. The company revealed that it will go ahead with its plans, in a bid to process and market a range of nutmeg products, with the intention of boosting exports to food, pharmaceutical and beverage market in Europe and the US. 

Nutmeg is the largest earner of foreign exchange in Grenada's agricultural sector, raking in US$18.1m last year alone.