X5 Retail Group has said that its move to roll-out a unified IT platform across its store base will add to its "competitive advantages" and boost efficiency.

The Russian retailer announced today (26 January) that it has successfully completed the pilot launch of SAP for retail IT systems in Nizhniy Novgorod and begun the system roll-out to all other regions of its operations, to be completed by end of the year.

X5 has chosen to implement SAP as its enterprise resource planning system. The introduction is being conducted in stages. The first phase is the introduction of SAP for retail, while two further stages involve the introduction of SAP HCM (SAP for HR) and SAP for enterprise management.

"Over the next few years, SAP will add to the Company's competitive advantages, enhancing process efficiency across every aspect of our business from store operations to strategic planning. We expect that the new system will provide X5 with a strong platform for scalable expansion, drive company-wide efficiency gains and position X5 for long-term leadership and profitable growth," Teimur Shternlib, X5's deputy CEO for business support, said.