• Agropur, Agrifoods JV launches Iögo
  • Claims brand "real first for Canada"
  • Ultima produces Yoplait for General Mills in Canada  
Ultima Foods has launched seven Iögo products

Ultima Foods has launched seven Iögo products

Canadian dairy group Ultima Foods, which produces Yoplait under licence for the local market, has launched its own yoghurt brand.

Ultima, a venture between Canadian dairy co-ops Agropur and Agrifoods International, yesterday (20 August) announced the launch of Iögo.

It has developed a range of seven lines, including probiotic, Greek and kids yoghurts.

Ultima president Gerry Doute claimed Iögo was "a real first for Canada". He said: "It is the largest brand introduction for a Canadian company in our industry, making it truly bold, inventive and audacious."

The venture agreed a fresh deal in May to produce Yoplait under licence following a dispute over the production and operation of the brand.

Ultima will produce Yoplait for six more years, with General Mills taking on marketing, distributing and selling the brand across Canada. The deal included plans for the venture to launch its own yoghurt brand.

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Ultima Foods reveals all-new yogurt brand: iögo, the new way to say yogurt!

Now available across Canada!

MONTREAL, Aug. 20, 2012 /CNW Telbec/ - Today, in one of the largest product launches across Canada, Ultima Foods - the yogurt experts for over 40 years -revealed its own national yogurt brand, iögo, the new way to say yogurt! Made in Canada by Canadians and for Canadians, iögo offers consumers a range of products whose creation stems from a single purpose: to create a wholesome taste! Never before has a Canadian company launched such an innovative new yogurt and dairy product brand.

Setting new industry standards for yogurt, each iögo yogurt is free of gelatin, colours and artificial flavours. It is also gluten-free and without preservatives, except for the iögo 0% line. With carefully crafted recipes and the freshest ingredients, iögo offers consumers more than 40 classic, exotic and delicious flavours - such as Lychee-Raspberry, Pineapple-Coconut-Banana and Melon Trio - across seven new product lines for all ages. The new line consists of: iögo, iögo 0%, iögo Probio (probiotics), iögo Greko (Greek), iögo Nomad (drinkable), iögo Zip (in tubes), and iögo Nano (fresh cheese in small containers and yogurt in mini-bottles).

"iögo is a real first for Canada. It is the largest brand introduction for a Canadian company in our industry, making it truly bold, inventive and audacious," said Gerry Doutre, President and CEO of Ultima Foods. "With iögo, we have focused our 40 years of knowledge, consumer insights, and employee expertise to create a nutritious, made-in-Canada yogurt brand that we know Canadian consumers will love and enjoy. At the same time, I am incredibly proud of our employees and partners for joining us on this journey to redefine the yogurt market in Canada and set a higher standard for quality, innovation and taste."

"Finally, a complete line of yogurt that is free of artificial ingredients and unnecessary additives like gelatin," says respected Canadian Nutritionist, Chef, and Author, Theresa Albert (DHN, RNCP). "Yogurt provides that crucial mix of protein, calcium and carbohydrates in a single snack, and delivers probiotics, which is good for general digestion and overall health. After reviewing iögo myself, I'm delighted that the full range is made with natural ingredients while also offering an extensive variety of styles for all ages and delicious new, innovative flavours that I'm sure will please everyone."

With a streamlined package and compelling black-on-white pattern featuring delectable fruit, Ultima Foods' iögo will simplify consumer choice through easily recognizable colours and packaging on store shelves. Each format has a colour strip denoting brands for adults, as well as fun, attractive and practical formats for kids.

With seven product lines and more than 40 flavours to choose from, iögo meets the needs, tastes and preferences of Canadians. The iögo line features:

1. iögo -- With a creamy texture, iögo is packed with fruit, and has a delicious taste that will leave no yogurt lover unswayed. From classic Strawberry to the surprising Lychee-Raspberry and luscious Lemon Pie, consumers will be won over by the variety of flavours to choose from. Featuring an easily recognizable cow motif on its packaging, iögo will be the new favourite among yogurt fanatics.

2. iögo 0% -- iögo 0% is a new, more natural generation of fat-free yogurt with 35 calories per serving of 100g. These yogurts are free of gelatin, artificial colours and flavours, and have no added sugar1 or aspartame. iögo 0% is a notch above the rest with exciting flavours such as Orange-Mandarin, Raspberry-Chocolate and Apple-Cinnamon.

3. iögo Probio -- Probiotic2 yogurts have never tasted so good! With a diverse range of products, iögo Probio yogurt comes either with a heart of fruit or in exotic flavours, such as Fig-Date or Apple-Grape. Rounding out the line are lactose-free products.

4. iögo Greko -- Whether consumers opt for the simplicity of the plain version or the delight of stirred fruit with a hint of honey, they will be swept away by the originality of iögo Greko. With a recipe inspired by the Greek tradition, iögo Greko is a thick, smooth pleasure that has a high protein content and comes in 0% and 2% milk fat.

5. iögo Nomad -- A drinkable yogurt made with real fruit that comes in an ergonomically shaped bottle. iögo Nomad can be taken and tasted anywhere. This product is unique not only because of its taste, but also its twist cap. And to make it useful for all needs and tastes, iögo Nomad comes in two practical sizes: 200 ml and 300 ml. Simply choose the one you want and enjoy wherever you are!

6. iögo Zip -- A delicious yogurt in a tube wrapped in a variety of original comic strips created specially by Canadian cartoonists! Developed in collaboration with flavouring specialists, the Limited Edition Fusion will pique everyone's passion for new tastes, as the combination of two flavours results in a third taste sensation! Passion Fruit + Orange = Peach! Everyone can find their own equation with their favourite iögo Zip!

7. iögo Nano -- "Taste-approved by our kids" iögo Nano is without a doubt a favourite among little ones. From small cups of fresh cheese to drinkable yogurt in mini-bottles with a spill-proof flip cap, the package sizes are ideal for small hands. Made with fruit purées, iögo Nano will delight kids' taste buds with its smooth texture.

As a pledge that Canadian consumers will find a lot to love in this new product line, all iögo products are part of iögo "Satisfaction guaranteed or it's free" policy.

iögo products are delicious to eat and their gorgeous packaging is recyclable. The 100-g, 500-g and 650-g containers are recyclable in municipalities where recycling facilities exist. Only the seals of the individual containers are not recyclable.

iögo is now available in the refrigerated aisle of any grocery store. Suggested retail prices range from $1.29 to $7.99 depending on the selected size and product line. Subject to change without notice. Prices may vary according to banner and province.

For more information about iögo, visit www.iogo.ca, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Original source: Ultima Foods