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JBS sees big opportunity from Primo Smallgoods

Brazil-based JBS is already the world's largest meat supplier but it has its sights on growing further in value-added products and in Asia -...

Focus: Fonterra's bid to weather dairy volatility

After reporting a slump in Fonterra's annual profits this week, CEO Theo Spierings was at pains to tell the market the global dairy market w...

Fonterra looks to broaden innovation horizons

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has joined with the Australian science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisa...

Focus: PZ Cussons may continue expansion in food

UK consumer goods group PZ Cussons does the bulk of its business in areas like personal care and beauty but it has food interests in Africa...

Latest Interviews

Interview: Chobani Australia on SE Asia plans 2 Oct 2014

Dean Best

Chobani, the US-based Greek yoghurt producer, has been one of the success stories of the US packaged food market, leading the boom in its category. The company has spread its wings internationally (not with complete success) and is looking to grow further, which could be vital with the US Greek yoghurt category showing signs of slowing. In the second part of a two-part interview, Dean Best spoke to Peter Meek, the MD of Chobani's Australian arm, about the company's moves in south-east Asia.

Interview: Peter Meek, MD of Chobani Australia 1 Oct 2014

Dean Best

Chobani's rise in the US - and its problems in the UK - have been well-documented. But what about the yoghurt producer's business in Australia? Dean Best spoke to Peter Meek, the MD of Chobani's Australian arm, to discuss its performance in that market.

Latest News

ACCC files suit against Darling Downs Fresh Eggs 17 Dec 2014

Dean Best

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has started proceedings against another local egg supplier - Darling Downs Fresh Eggs - over the marketing of free-range eggs.

Australia consumer watchdog probes raw milk sales 15 Dec 2014

Katy Askew

Australia's consumer watchdog has launched an investigation into the sale of unpasteurised milk in the country after consumption of raw milk was linked to a number of illnesses and, potentially, one fatality.

Coles supplier payments broke competition law 15 Dec 2014

Katy Askew

Coles has agreed to accept payments demanded from suppliers in 2011 constituted "unconscionable conduct" and said it will take part in an independent review to assess supplier refunds.

Australia "needs fruit, veg claim rules" 11 Dec 2014

Hannah Abdulla

Australia needs tighter regulation on fruit and veg claims on packaged foods, a research body has claimed.

ACCC files lawsuit against Derodi & Holland Farms 10 Dec 2014

Hannah Abdulla

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has started court proceedings against egg processor Derodi & Holland Farms, alleging the use of the term 'free range' on some of its brands is "false and misleading".

Fonterra slammed in final botulism report 9 Dec 2014

Katy Askew

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has been criticised for putting food safety "on the back burner" by an official report into the events surrounding last year's botulism scare.

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