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Dean Best | 25 May 2010


The UK grocery sector is renowned as one of the most competitive in the world. The purchasing power of the UK multiples, the prevalence of private label and the sophistication of the country's consumers mean brands have to fight tooth and nail to gain and grow listings.

Promotions have always been key weapons in the armoury of brand-owners but, given the fragile state of the UK economy and the weakness of consumer confidence, they have become ever-more vital.

However, suppliers are coy about how much or how often they use promotions to drive sales. And so, in a bid to shed more light on the promotional landscape in the UK, just-food has teamed up with to provide monthly data on which brands, which categories and which retailers have promoted most heavily in a certain month.

According to's data for April, published today, Muller yoghurt was the most promoted food brand in the UK with 90.6% of all of its SKUs on promotion. The second most-promoted food brand was also in the dairy aisle, with Danone's Actimel promoting 84.6% of its SKUs.

Now, this is data for just one month. Brand-owners featured at the top of the list may protest that April was a key month in their promotional strategy and that May and June may seem them dial down their activity.

However, as the year progresses, just-food's Promo Tracker will highlight just which brands have been promoted, which categories are seeing some of the fiercest promotional activity and which of the retailers are using promotions most often.

For those looking to keep tabs on the promotional strategies of their competitors, the just-food Promo Tracker will be an indispensable tool.



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