Cereal giant Kellogg’s has launched a new cereal in the hope of capitalising on the world’s most famous cartoon family; the Simpsons.

Bart Simpson’s No ProblemOs combine multi-grain cereal loops and chocolatey biscuits.

Guy Longworth, Kellogg’s UK/ROI Marketing Director, says: “Bart Simpson is a 21st Century icon and has millions of admirers in the UK and due to popular demand Kellogg’s has brought him to the breakfast table.”

Kellogg’s using The Simpsons reflects the fact that the show is seen as a long-term licensing proposition. The Simpsons, in its 13-year history, continues to appeal to kids as much as it does to their parents. Channel 4 viewers recently voted The Simpsons the number one kids’ programme of all-time.

Kellogg’s has also commissioned the animation studios behind The Simpsons to create a unique advertising campaign to support the launch of the cereal in April. And Kellogg’s are also supporting the cereal with a huge in-store presence and below-the-line campaign in all major food multiples.