A strategic analysis of the current e-retailing trading Environment, revealing how retailers are taking advantage of these new media to promote and sell their products. Case studies examine the various strategies adopted by retailers for selling via the Internet and other electronic channels, highlighting the problems encountered and the solutions that have been devised. The 687 page report contains a detailed study of the evolution of electronic shopping, beginning with its origins in the USA and continuing with more recent developments in Europe. It also profiles Internet usage, ordering, delivery and the range of trading formats available.e-shopping is here to stay. Its impact on retail sales, customer service, branding, operations and trading formats is a vigorously debated subject. Electronic Shopping in Europe, published by Retail Intelligence, aims to exposes the myths and highlight the facts behind the hype. The report explores how retailers are taking advantage of this new medium to promote and sell their products. With the aid of case studies, it examines how different retailers have approached selling via the Internet, what problems have they encountered and the solutions they have devised.Electronic Shopping in Europe will provide you with a highly strategic analysis of the current trading environment, along with forecasts of future trends and prospects. The report provides a detailed analysis of the evolution of e-shopping starting with the USA. It highlights the more recent developments in Europe, profiling Internet usage, ordering, delivery, and the various types of trading formats available. This practical analysis of retailing's newest challenge will provide you with a clear understanding of the market, the major players, the opportunities and the threats.