Compositions and processes for maintaining the integrity of freshly-cut apples

Author: EPL Technologies Inc. (Gawad K.I., Gawad H.A.)
Patent Type: European Patent Application 0 906 727  En:en   Priority data: (US) (14.7.97)   Filing date: 13.7.98   See published patent document for Designated Contracting States.   (saan: 495957)

Abstract: Cut or injured fruit undergoes undesirable changes in flavour, colour and texture, and can subsequently lead to increased microbial growth.  This patent application relates to compositions and processes that maintain the integrity of fruit that generally exhibits loss of colour and texture, and changes in flavour or aroma when cut.  The invention is particularly concerned with treatments for freshly cut apples.  The composition consists principally of L-cysteine, sorbitol and calcium chloride, and, optionally, a chelator such as sodium hexametaphosphate.  The formulations of the compositions are altered to meet the different needs of specific apple cultivars. After treatment of cut apple pieces with an aqueous solution of the composition, the pieces are packaged in a protective film - for example, an oxygen-impermeable film - and under vacuum, or in a low-oxygen atmosphere. Among those apple cultivars that have responded successfully to such treatment are Empire, Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Ida Red, Pippin and Rome.

Low adherent and biodegradable chewing gum

Author: Lotte Co. Ltd  (Kajiura I., Fujimoto K.)
Patent Type: Japanese Patent Application  10-262566  Ja:en Filing date: 25.3.97   (saan: 498529)

Abstract: This biodegradable chewing gum does not adhere to the road after discarding, but the mouthfeel and flavour are not impaired.  A fractionated substance consisting of glutenin obtained from wheat gluten with a protein cross-linking enzyme that is then heat-modified, is blended with a gum base.

Green nutritional powder composition

Author: Oncologies Inc.  (Gaynor M.L., Hickey G.P.)
Patent Type: United States Patent  5 904 924  En:en  Filing date: 4.11.97   (saan: 497988)

Abstract: Wheat and barley grass extracts contain a variety of substances, e.g. antioxidants, that are believed to have a beneficial effect on the health of the consumer. This patent describes a product that is said to provide an energy boost and to have a positive effect on the health of the consumer - in particular to have a palliative effect on those suffering from terminal cancer. It is supplied as a dry powder that can be dissolved in beverages. It contains a variety of herbs, plants and algae, and is said to be rich in antioxidants and fibre.

Weight loss compound and method of using

Author: Slavin A.B.
Patent Type: United States Patent 5 904 926  En:en   Filing date: 13.9.96   (saan: 497989)

Abstract: A product that can be used to help people lose weight is described. It contains zinc acetate, which is taken three times a day, and copper gluconate, which is taken twice a day. The zinc acetate is believed to raise the amylase and lipase levels in the blood. The copper-gluconate counteracts the copper depleting effect of the zinc acetate.  It can be used in conjunction with a low-fat diet.

Encapsulation compositions

Author: McCormick and Co. Inc.  (Porzio M.A., Popplewell L.M.)
Patent Type: United States Patent  5 897 897  En:en   Filing date: 10.12.96  (saan: 496119)

Abstract: Flavourings are encapsulated so that they can be measured out easily and can be released in a controlled fashion. These are generally produced using spray-drying or extrusion techniques, but this can lead to loss of some compounds and the end products may not be easy to handle. This patent describes an improved encapsulation matrix that is in a stable glass state at ambient temperature. It does not cake at ambient temperature. It is made from carbohydrate food polymers, e.g. maltodextrin and modified starch, which are mixed with a plasticizer and extruded.

Temperature indicating device for a container with a food product to be heated and container equipped with such a device

Author: SEB SA  (Doumeng L.)
Patent Type: European Patent Application  0 901 005  Fr:fr   Priority data: (France) (5.9.97)   Filing date: 2.9.98   See published patent document for Designated Contracting States.   (saan: 498331)

Abstract: The invention provides means of indicating to users when bottles containing baby milks have been heated to the correct temperature.  A mixture of colour-changing crystals is incorporated in the inner surface of a label made of, e.g., polyester or polycarbonate.  The label is attached to the bottle with an adhesive resistant to steam, chemical sterilants, etc. When the appropriate temperature range has been reached, the user sees not only a change of colour but also a message such as 'OK', which is clearer than a colour change alone.  The disclosed temperature indicator could also be applied to containers of baby food, etc.

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