Women aged 65 or over are 94% more likely than the average Briton to consume organic foods, according to the findings of the Taylor Nelson Sofres continuous survey, Family Food Panel, published 3 November.Similarly, the same group are 65% more likely to choose to eat healthy foods and 32% more likely than the average Briton to avoid genetically modified foods. However, they are 39% less likely to "enjoy foreign foods" and 18% less likely to think that "less preparation is a good thing.""Taste" is the key factor in food choice for men aged 65+, which is 38% greater than the national average for men and women. At the same time, a further 33% more men (aged 65 and over) "prefer to eat natural wholefoods,", than the average population. On the other hand, 33% less men in this age group "enjoy cooking" in comparison to the rest of the nation.Whether or not food is "healthy" is a consideration for 14.6% of the 65+ age group - this is over 30% higher than for the average Briton. "Habit" and "tradition" are rated by 14.4% of those aged 65 and over as important - almost 30% higher than the national average. However, only 1.9% of those aged 65+ look for foods that are "filling," 33% less than the rest of the population.Other key findings include: