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Patrick Scott

Patrick Scott is head of data journalism at GlobalData Media.

Robotics hiring in food industry hits year-high – data

GlobalData analyses the latest numbers on job postings in the area of robotics.

Talk of cybersecurity in food manufacturers’ filings has doubled in year

Food manufacturers are citing cybersecurity in their public filings more often, according to research from GlobalData.

Revealed: emerging food industry investment themes to watch in 2022

The results uncover which investment trends have the most momentum going into the new year.

Digital media hiring levels in the food industry are on the rise

What’s the trend in the hiring for digital media jobs at food manufacturers? GlobalData presents the latest figures.

Artificial intelligence hiring levels in the food industry rose to year-high in September

GlobalData digs into its jobs database to present the latest trends in the food industry for posts linked to artificial intelligence.

What are the latest trends in hiring for cloud-related jobs in food?

We look at GlobalData’s latest numbers on job postings in the area of the cloud.