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Dean BestDean Best

With 15 years reporting on FMCG, Dean began at Wine & Spirit International in 2003 before joining just-drinks.com as news editor in 2005. In April 2007, Dean crossed from drinks to food and became editor of just-...

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Andy CoyneAndy Coyne

Andy Coyne, just-food.com's deputy editor, is a journalist with 30 years' experience, much of it in the business media. He has edited print and online titles in the UK covering general business, commercial pr...

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Simon HarveySimon Harvey

Simon Harvey, news editor at just-food, has worked as a journalist on financial newswires for more than 17 years, covering Asian and European markets from Singapore, Malaysia and London.

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Ben CooperBen Cooper

Ben Cooper is just-food's contributing editor and specialises in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, policy issues and sustainability. He holds MAs from Cambridge University and the University of London, r...

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Keith NuthallKeith Nuthall

Keith Nuthall is an experienced journalist specialising in international organisations, law and regulation, especially the European Union and the World Trade Organisation. He has written extensively on EU support for th...

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Peter CrosskeyPeter Crosskey

Peter Crosskey is an English freelance who specialises in the francophone world. Based in the UK, he has been a journalist since 1986. Peter has worked on the staff of a number of trade press titles, including Fishing N...

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Stuart ToddStuart Todd

'Emigrated' from north-east England to France over 20 years ago, setting up initially as a freelancer covering French business developments for the English-language press across a broad range of sectors. Stuart then spe...

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Victor MartinoVictor Martino

just-food columnist Victor Martino is a California-based strategic marketing and business development consultant, analyst, entrepreneur and writer, specialising in the food and grocery industry. He is available for cons...

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Andrew Burnyeat, Keith Nuthall and Eugene Vorotnikov

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