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The Social Democrat Party is proposing to raise the reduced VAT rate on confectionery and sugar-based productsGerman confectioners oppose sugar tax idea 1 May 2015

Germany's confectionery industry has sided with the federal government in a clash between the ruling parties in the country’s grand coalition, over whether to impose stiffer taxes on sugar to boost public health.

EU producers asked Switzerland for help bypassing Russia's embargo, the Swiss government has saidEU: Switzerland rejects EU request to bypass Russia trade embargo 22 August 2014

Switzerland has turned down requests from EU fruit, vegetable and dairy product associations to export products to Russia through the country to bypass Moscow's trade embargo.

Brussels claimed taxes levied had had impact on consumptionEU: Industry dismisses Brussels' 'sin' tax claims 29 July 2014

The EU trade association for the bloc's food and drink industries, FoodDrinkEurope, has shrugged off Brussels' claims sin taxes do reduce consumption of products high in salt, sugar and fat.

The ban on restrictive Spanish planning laws has cheered Eu retailersTalking shop: Ban on Spanish planning curbs cheers retailers across EU 8 April 2011

Big European food retailers have expressed their delight at a new ruling by the European Court of Justice that slapped down regulations imposed by the Spanish government to restrict the location and operations of hypermarkets in Catalonia.

EU: EFSA official's move to Syngenta poses “considerable problem” 23 November 2009

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has insisted it acted properly in the case of Dr Suzy Renkens, a former senior official engaged in GMO affairs who took up a job with the Swiss GM company Syngenta months after leaving the EU agency.

EU: Commission extends PDO and PGI protection 21 April 2009

The European Commission has added three new items to its lists of quality food products with protected designation of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indication (PGI) rights.

EU: CAP reforms to save industry “hundreds of millions” 19 March 2009

Reforms to food import and export licensing requirements and other initiatives to reduce red tape will cut administrative costs in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy by 25% by 2012, Brussels has announced.

EU: Food groups concerned over pollution rules 11 March 2009

Food manufacturers have expressed concern that proposals to reform European pollution controls will rob the system of flexibility.

EU: Commission introduces egg sales restrictions 6 January 2009

An EU regulation banning the direct sale of untreated eggs from farms where salmonella has been detected has come into force from 1 January – a year earlier than originally planned.

EU: Europe retains US poultry ban 19 December 2008

The EU’s ban on imports of poultry and poultry products from the US is to stay, at least for the time being, EU agriculture ministers have decided.

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