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Anne Lefranc, IRI European marketing director

Articles by Anne Lefranc, IRI European marketing director

IRI analysed butter sales in six major European marketsHow Europe's butter category melted this summer - analysis 2 November 2017

Butter has grabbed the headlines in Europe in 2017. Falling milk production, a poor yield in 2016 and demand from emerging markets has led to a decline in the butter supply in Europe and a spike in prices. Anne Lefranc, the European marketing director at IRI International, reviews the latest sales and pricing data for butter across six key European markets.

H1 FMCG sales in Love it or hate it - price an underlying tension across Europe's FMCG sector 20 October 2016

The spat between Unilever and Tesco in the UK over price grabbed the headlines last week but, across Europe, for different reasons, price remains a critical issue for the FMCG sector. Consumers remain price sensitive despite improving economic conditions and are wasting less, meaning growth is hard to come by. IRI's Anne Lefranc looks at ways suppliers and retailers could work together to drive sales and profits.

Manufacturers and retailers must shift focus from promotion Briefing: 2015 preview: Shopper trends - Finding a path to growth in 2015 2 January 2015

In such a price-focused environment, manufacturers will need to find innovative ways to grow in 2015. Data, IRI's Anne Lefranc argues, will be central to these strategies.

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