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Ben Cooper

Ben CooperBiography

Ben Cooper is just-food's contributing editor and specialises in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, policy issues and sustainability. He holds MAs from Cambridge University and the University of London, respectively in Social and Political Sciences and Social Policy.

He joined the just-drinks editorial team in 2000 and today works across both just-drinks and just-food, while also writing occasionally for just-style.

In addition to his regular features, Ben has written numerous in-depth management briefings on issues such as alcohol policy, sponsorship, the Fairtrade market, the use of food colourings and environmental issues facing the clothing industry.

He also writes regularly for Ethical Corporation magazine which specialises in the corporate social responsibility field.

He lives in London where he also works as a professional singer.

Articles by Ben Cooper

The food industry in 2018 - bolder aims, broader horizons for sustainability 1 January 2018

Food companies are being spurred by the UN Global Goals and heightened consumer expectations to increase the ambition and broaden the scope of their sustainability programmes. Ben Cooper identifies the issues and trends that will shape policy and action in 2018.

just-food's 2018 Confidence Survey – sales, profits, consumer confidence, efficiency 1 January 2018

The food industry is going through a period of change not seen for generations - and we asked a series of questions about how you plan to continue trying to navigate this state of flux next year. The results are in and, in a series of articles, we weigh up how you feel about the year ahead. First up are your thoughts on areas including sales, profits and consumer confidence. Ben Cooper reports.

China topped poll for emerging market offering greatest opportunities for growthjust-food's 2018 Confidence Survey – your take on international expansion and on M&A 1 January 2018

The third part of just-food's 2018 Confidence Survey asked for your thoughts on plans to expand internationally next year - and for a flavour of your M&A intentions. Ben Cooper reports.

There was significant jump in companies stating they would spend more on sustainability initiativesjust-food's 2018 Confidence Survey - sustainability and regulatory pressures 1 January 2018

Our poll asked a series of questions on sustainability for a flavour of your priorities in areas like environment and health next year, as well as you expect regulators to focus in 2018.

Supermarket foodservice of interest to just-food's readersjust-food's 2018 Confidence Survey - how you see innovation, digital sphere and sales channels 1 January 2018

The final part of the just-food 2018 Confidence Survey looked at innovation and sales channels.

President Trump and vocal Brexit campaigner Nigel Faragejust-food's 2018 Confidence Survey – your thoughts on Trump and on Brexit 1 January 2018

The second part of just-food's 2018 Confidence Survey asked our readers for their thoughts about Trump and Brexit - and how they saw these geopolitical earthquakes affecting their business. Ben Cooper reports.

Fair Trade USA, which broke away in 2011, uses Fair Trade Certified mark; Fairtrade America the Fairtrade International organisation for USWhy there is room for two US fair trade organisations in US 20 December 2017

Ben Cooper examines the market for fair trade in the US, where two organisations are looking to grow the market for the ethically-traded goods.

Healthy eating - the food industry is weighing up the best way to meet sugar reduction  targets.The healthier foods challenge - reformulation, renovation or innovation? 4 December 2017

A recurring subject at the Food Matters Live conference and exhibition in London last week was, not surprisingly, reformulation. Ben Cooper reports.

McCormick - committed to sustainable ingredient sourcing.Building supply chain resilience at heart of McCormick’s 2025 vision - interview 4 December 2017

US flavourings firm McCormick puts supply chain goals front and centre in its new sustainability strategy. Michael Okoroafor, the company’s vice president of global sustainability and packaging innovation, told Ben Cooper why.

UK's strategy to tackle child obesity dubbed Industry gets obesity praise but could UK politics shift? 23 November 2017

The annual Food Matters Live conference and exhibition has been held in London this week, with industry, politicians, campaigners and academia meeting at a three-day business event that focuses on the links between food, health, nutrition and sustainability. Ben Cooper reports on the discussions centring on the UK government's bid to tackle childhood obesity.

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