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Aleph Farms has attracted investment from meat giant CargillWhat are the prospects for cultured meat? 16 May 2019

Cultured meat – also known as 'clean meat' or 'slaughter-free meat' – is gaining traction. But challenges remain on scaling up operations and marketing this alternative to meat.

iFarm eyeing Luxembourg, the Netherlands and SpainRussia's iFarm on whether vertical farming could herald a new era of urban agriculture - interview 25 March 2019

iFarm, one of several start-ups seeking to get ahead in the urban farming stakes, explains to Joe Baker why the concept could revolutionise farming.

“It’s definitely a tough market for a whole series of reasonsWhat are the biggest challenges facing casual dining in the UK? 5 March 2019

With a report pointing to a decline in casual-dining restaurants in the UK, suppliers, tech providers and foodservice companies highlight the challenges the sector faces.

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