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General Mills this year launched granola in US containing pea proteinThe prospects for protein: The emerging ingredients 31 October 2014

Consumer interest in protein is driving the use of different protein ingredients in a range of foods. Jonathan Thomas looks at the ingredients attracting the interest of food manufacturers as they develop more products to meet growing demand.

The market for low-sugar chocolate remains smallConfectionery: Chocolate and the scrutiny on sugar 10 March 2014

Sugar is under the spotlight, with academics and NGOs emphasising what they see as its central role in growing obesity. Such views are gaining more mainstream media attention, which has profound implications for the food industry and, in particular, for the chocolate sector. However, what are the prospects for low-sugar chocolate? Jonathan Thomas investigates.

Bakery is one of the fastest-growing areas of the gluten-free market in the UKGluten free: The UK market 30 April 2013

The UK continues to witness a rapid increase in demand for gluten-free foods. The sector represents the largest within the UK market for free-from foods, targeted at people with food allergies or intolerances, and it is a category seeing dramatic growth.

Global regulation of gluten-free labeling varies Gluten free: The marketing and regulatory environment 30 April 2013

As the market for gluten-free foods expands in the future, it is highly likely the way companies target and market their products may undergo some form of change.

What markets offer greatest scope to grow gluten-free salesGluten free: Germany, Canada, Australia among other growth markets 30 April 2013

Aside from the US and UK, where the gluten-free category is witnessing strong growth, there are a number of other gluten free markets look likely to develop elsewhere over the coming years.

Debate over growth potential of gluten free in the USGluten free: The US market 30 April 2013

In addition to being one of the world's largest markets for gluten-free foods, the US continues to represent one of its fastest growing.

LinkedIn now has over 160 million members spread across more than 200 countriesSocial media: food industry continues to network 31 July 2012

Despite concerns over returns or on the ability of social media to reach a mass audience like other forms of communications, the food industry is increasing its use of sites like Facebook and Twitter to market their brands or connect with consumers.

Kellogg asked Facebook users to vote on launch of next Krave cereal in UKSocial media: from NPD to CSR, brand-owners look to harness networks 31 July 2012

At the brand level, many leading social media campaigns fall into one of the following two categories: to support a new product launch and to assist with marketing and promotional activity.

Many food retailers command an extensive following on social mediaSocial media: retailers react to consumer interaction 31 July 2012

The world's retailers are increasing their use of social media to promote offers and interact with consumers. However, shoppers also use networks to interact with each other, which can benefit business but is also eroding price as a weapon of competitive advantage.

There are misperceptions among business and marketing personnel about the role social media should playSocial media: the search for success 31 July 2012

Social media is likely to assume ever-greater significance within the global food industry but, writes Jonathan Thomas, there is still uncertainty among marketers over how to make the most of the phenomenon.

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