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José Carlos González-Hurtado, president, IRI International

Articles by José Carlos González-Hurtado, president, IRI International

Why Big Data Collaboration could be the new ECR - opinion 23 June 2017

With growth in FMCG in many western economies hard to come by, manufacturers and retailers need to step up efforts to work together, argues José Carlos González-Hurtado, the president of IRI's international operations.

Shoppers demanding more innovation, IRI saysThe key issues for suppliers and retailers in 2017 - IRI's take 14 December 2016

In the latest of its monthly columns on just-food, FMCG market research giant IRI surveys the main issues food manufacturers and retailers will have to consider as they market and sell to consumers in 2017.

How manufacturers can make the most of shelf shrinkage Coping with shelf shrinkage: How big data analytics will help food manufacturers 1 July 2016

Providing consumers with the best line-up of food products has always been a challenge for retailers who understand that choice is a key driver for getting shoppers into stores or buying online. However, a desire to make the shopping experience simpler has led to smaller store formats and the need to cut waste and cost in the supply chain means that retailers are now reducing the number of products they stock.

Europe can present opportunities, IRI insistsThe food industry in 2016 - Don't give up on Europe 3 January 2016

Europe's recent economic woes may have dampened enthusiasm for the region but IRI believes there are numerous ways to grow for food manufacturers. 

Aldi and Lidl plan further expansion but the discounters will not have it their own way, argues IRI's González-HurtadoWhy there is a ceiling to discounter growth 1 December 2015

Discount retailers are a major force in grocery retailing in a number of European markets, forcing supermarkets to adapt and prompting suppliers to revise their strategies in a number of areas. However, in a guest column for just-food, José Carlos González-Hurtado, the former Carrefour chief commercial officer who is now president of international at IRI, outlines why there could be limits to the growth of the discounters.

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