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Britain exits Europe: What does it mean for food makers? Brexit – What will it mean for the food industry? Live reaction 24 June 2016

UK voters have spoken: Britain will leave the European Union. With the vote tally now reporting 51.9% of people back leaving commentators are turning to the future with uncertainty. What will Brexit mean for the food sector? 

just the answer: Kraft's Vicky Evans Stencel on sodium cuts 28 September 2012

Kraft Foods has claimed it is "on track" to meet its three-year goal of reducing the sodium content of products across its portfolio by an average of 10%. However, while food firms have come under considerable pressure from US lobby groups and health campaigners to cut sodium levels in processed foods, consumers have proven resistant to any measure that would sacrifice taste. Kraft senior health and wellness director Vicky Evans Stencel spoke to Katy Askew and Dean Best about Kraft's balancing act to deliver familiar flavours through reformulated recipes in order to address health concerns.

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