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Lena Smirnova

Articles by Lena Smirnova

Russia saw embargo has opportunity to bolster local productionRussian producers "fail to cover embargo in most categories" 15 December 2015

Russian food producers have failed to raise their output sufficiently to fully compensate for the gap left by the country’s ban on western food importers, the Central Bank of Russia has said.

Start-ups like Moroshka Market have entered Russia's fledgling online grocery channelBriefing: Emerging market e-commerce: Online can build despite Russia's challenges 27 January 2015

High demand for home grocery deliveries in large Russian cities and the success of such services in Western countries are helping create a buzz around online grocery retailing in Russia. But complexity and high cost of operating this model in Russia means few retailers have so far launched online sales channels. Online grocery stores that do exist tend to limit their deliveries to Moscow or St Petersburg, and emphasise their offline locations.

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