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Russia's grocers can withstand economic slump 9 March 2009

Russia's economy, buoyed in recent years by the country's vast natural resources, kicked off 2009 with something of a whimper. Nevertheless, there is the feeling that Russia's food retail sector could provide a beacon of hope in a tough wider global food market in 2009.

International retailers eye Romanian growth 10 June 2008

In spite of its relatively poor infrastructure and high inflation, Romania is attracting significant inward investment from major international retailers such as Carrefour and Metro. Mark Rowe reports.

SWITZ: Comco probes Coop's Distributis buy 28 November 2007

Switzerland's competition and monopolies agency Comco has launched a probe into Coop’s planned acquisition of Carrefour’s stake in retailer Distributis AG.

ROMANIA: Cadbury arm ups Kandia-Excelent stake 28 November 2007

Cadbury Schweppes has welcomed the increase by its subsidiary Vantas International in Romanian chocolate confectionery producer Kandia-Excelent just weeks after a buy-out bid for the company expired.

New challenges for in-flight food sector as market recovers 4 January 2007

The airline catering sector endured some tough times following 9/11 but the market is now growing steadily on the back of the growth in air travel. Nevertheless, writes Mark Rowe, changing customer requirements are demanding a more versatile and flexible approach to supplying in-flight food.

Nestlé technologists seek to balance food enjoyment and nutrition – interview 27 November 2006

Innovation is key to any company’s growth, so it’s no surprise that the world’s largest food company invests heavily in research into science and food nutrition. How is the money spent? Mark Rowe talked exclusively to Nestlé’s Dr Johann Ubbink.

UK: Safety testing on nanotech a problematic issue – conference 24 October 2006

Safety testing of nanotechnology-based food ingredients is likely to prove difficult for food safety regulators, a leading expert in the field as told an Amsterdam conference on nanotechnology. In many cases, officials will be almost entirely reliant on the good faith of food manufacturers when it comes to the verification and approval of products for the consumer market.

Food industry prepares for nano-revolution 25 April 2006

The launch in the US of a frying oil containing nanoparticles underlines the potential for the use of nanotechnology in a host of food applications. Mark Rowe reports on technical innovations which could offer positive benefits to manufacturers in areas such as packaging, labelling and preserving food.

Weather forecasting systems gear up to assist food industry 12 September 2005

With extreme weather conditions very much in the headlines , Mark Rowe brings us a timely investigation into the help that innovative weather forecasting technologies can offer farmers, manufacturers and retailers. Forewarned, as they say, is forearmed.

Eastern Europe adjusts to Western European retail style 18 July 2005

Since the expansion of the EU last year, retail chains from Western Europe have expanded rapidly in the new accession countries, bringing new products and a more convenient way of shopping to customers, and new opportunities and new problems for producers. Mark Rowe reports on the retail picture in Eastern Europe.

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