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Companies including Nestle are using new ruby chocolate to try to sweeten salesCandy crushed - are Europe's confectioners failing to hit sales sweet spot? 13 December 2018

Confectionery sales are under pressure in Europe. How, IRI's Olly Abotorabi asks, can manufacturers revitalise the category?

Conscious consumerism is on the rise, says IRITackling the plastic peril through dialogue and data 19 November 2018

IRI's Olly Abotorabi argues manufacturers and grocers need to work together - through analysing data - to solve one of the big sustainability issues facing the sector.

Smartphone apps may fill gap for simple information, IRI arguesWhy nutrition labels should be an opportunity for Europe's food brands 19 September 2018

As Europeans' interest in health and well-being rises, the way nutritional values are communicated on-pack are growing in importance - and can help brand-owners gain an edge on their competitors. But with no consistent way of showing nutritional information, it has become very hard to compare products. IRI's Olly Abotorabi questions why more food manufacturers aren't grasping this opportunity.

UK led the way in growing categoryThe mixed picture in Europe's growing own-label market 15 June 2018

Private label across Europe continues to grow, and is making its presence felt right across the FMCG spectrum. No longer just dominant in the more traditional categories of ready meals and frozen food, there are some interesting developments across other categories in the major European markets. Olly Abotorabi, senior regional insights manager at IRI, looks at the recent performance of the private-label sector across Europe and sheds light on which categories are faring better than oth

How frozen food is seeing renaissance in Europe 7 May 2018

For years seen as the less glamorous alternative to fresh, frozen food has been making a quiet comeback across Europe. Olly Abotorabi, senior insights manager at IRI International, considers why demand for frozen is hotting up.

Grefusa has added vegetable crisps to core rangeWhat is driving Europe's salty-snacks market? 3 April 2018

Shoppers across Europe are looking for healthier and lighter options when it comes to food and drink choices and we're also seeing the rise of the ‘on the go’ consumer, which is helping to drive demand for more convenient products. Europe's salty-snacks category is not immune to these trends, as IRI's senior regional insights manager, Olly Abotorabi, explains.

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