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Panagiotis Boretos, Greece commercial director, IRI

Articles by Panagiotis Boretos, Greece commercial director, IRI

Greece's economy The rise of the 'professional shopper' in Greece 31 July 2017

Last week, Greece's Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, said the "worst" of the country's economic troubles were "clearly behind us". Two years ago, IRI's Panagiotis Boretos took to these pages to discuss how Greece's economic crisis was affecting consumer behaviour. Boretos takes the temperature of the market again.

Greek spending power has been eroded and the summer saw temporary restrictions on cashGreek crisis - The impact on shopper behaviour 28 August 2015

The economic turmoil in Greece has been one of the biggest business stories of the year. But what kind of effects has the crisis had on the ground? How have shoppers reacted? IRI's Panagiotis Boretos investigates.

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