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Paul Cochrane

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EU: Organic food labelling regulation approved 13 June 2007

The European Union's Council of Ministers has approved a new regulation on organic food production and labelling.

IRAN/SYRIA: Carrefour plans Middle Eastern expansion 4 May 2007

French supermarket chain Carrefour is to expand its growing presence in the Middle East by opening in Iran and Syria.

Booming demand drives growth in the UAE's food industry 4 April 2007

With strong demographic and economic growth driving increased demand for modern international cuisine, the food industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is experiencing a boom that has attracted the attention of various global players. Paul Cochrane investigates the opportunities presented by this rapidly expanding market.

Syria opens for business for international food companies 8 March 2007

Over the past six years Syria, once a byword for proto-Soviet state control and autarchy, has opened up its economy and implemented investment laws that allow foreign companies to set up shop. But few multinational food companies have wised up to the opportunities within an emerging market of 18 million consumers. As a result, those that have dipped a toe into the water, such as France's Bel Groupe, have been able to command large slices of the Syrian market. Paul Cochrane reports from Damascus.

LEBANON: Food manufacturers feeling the cost of war 5 October 2006

Lebanon’s food manufacturing sector took a heavy blow during the 34-day conflict between Israel and the Lebanese militia Hizbullah, recording tens of millions of US dollars in direct damages and more than US$500m in indirect losses.

Food multinationals struggling in war torn Lebanon 10 August 2006

One month into the Israel-Hezbollah conflict, multinational food companies operating in Lebanon have ground to a halt, with the country facing a near total economic blockade and fuel supplies running out. Paul Cochrane reports from Beirut.

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