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Multi-brand strategy key for chocolate manufacturers in ChinaGlobal brands to see stiffer competition in China's chocolate market 8 January 2019

The consumption of chocolate in China continues to rise, offering opportunities for international manufacturers - but also for ambitious domestic players, Peter Peverelli writes.

We present four product trends to monitor in China in 2019Four product trends to watch in China in 2019 2 January 2019

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli outlines four product trends food companies doing business in the country - or wanting to do business there - should bear in mind as we enter 2019.

Noodle makers have leant on nutrition and flavourThe great repositioning of instant noodles in China 13 December 2018

China may be the world's largest market for instant noodles but sales have stuttered in recent years. How have manufacturers reacted and what could lie ahead?

What are the opportunities for cheese suppliers in China? 4 October 2018

When I arrived in China as a student in 1975, I knew that most Chinese didn’t like dairy products in general and particularly disliked cheese because of its smell. I was surprised to find small amounts of domestic Chinese cheese from Heilongjiang, the province bordering Russia, in a special store for foreigners.

Spicier instant noodles from South Korea finding favour in ChinaHow chilli is spicing up parts of China's food sector 5 September 2018

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli outlines how chilli flavours have made inroads in the country's packaged food sector as the palates of local consumers get used to - and embrace - some heat in their food.

Dates among most popular on-the-go snacks in ChinaFruit and nuts - from staples to snacking favourites in China 9 August 2018

In his debut column, just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli looks at how growing wealth and need for convenience have led to the staples of fruit and nuts be the foundation of a buoyant, on-the-go category.

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