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Peter Peverelli

Peter PeverelliBiography

Dr Peter Peverelli has been researching the Chinese food & beverage industry for over thirty years. Whilst working at Gist-brocades N.V. he moved to China, and then worked as a consultant, advising European companies in their long-term relations with Chinese partners. In 2001, whilst continuing his consulting practice, Peter joined the Vruije Universiteit Amsterdam, and in 2012 he founded the VU China Research Centre where his research into Chinese entrepreneurship continues. He regularly publishes about the Chinese food and beverage and nutrition industries at his blog chinafoodingredients.com. Peter holds two PhD's.

Articles by Peter Peverelli

China's singles, when cooking at home, want pre-portioned ingredientsHow food companies are singling out China's singles 12 January 2021

The growing number of Chinese who live alone has started to draw the attention of food manufacturers, which are tailoring products to the country's singles.

China's yogurt category seeing lots of NPD activityThe trends to watch in China in 2021 4 December 2020

What trends and product categories could be the ones to watch in China in 2021? just-food's Peter Peverelli offers us a flavour of what to keep an eye on next year?

Companies launching yogurt offering health and/or cosmetic benefitsFood that makes you better – a Chinese tradition with modern twist 30 October 2020

Covid-19 has increased interest among China's consumers for functional food and the country's domestic manufacturers have reacted. How can international suppliers capitalise?

Covid has given boost to soup sales in ChinaOverseas brands ineffective as China's soup market comes to boil 28 September 2020

Soup has been a core element in Chinese cuisine and still is – even if consumers now have less time to cook. Interest in convenient options is growing. How can suppliers prosper?

Canned-food sales in China are xxxxxWhy China's declining canned-food market still offers opportunities 26 August 2020

China's canned-food market is set to decline in 2020 but just-food's columnist Peter Peverelli sets out how suppliers can still find pockets of growth.

Oatmeal products, like those from Seamild, feature in this growing segment in ChinaHow meal-replacement products could shake up breakfast in China 30 July 2020

Chinese commuters' demand for convenience has been fuelling sales and Covid-19 – for different reasons – has also led to interest in the segment.

Pizza consumption one factor driving demand in China for cheesePizza to children's snacks – the fuel for cheese sales in China 26 June 2020

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli looks at the expanding market for cheese in China and sets out areas for manufacturers to exploit.

Yum China said KFC's plant-based nuggets Plant-based meat must target local tastes to succeed in China 21 May 2020

just-food's China market columnist Peter Peverelli weighs up the growing activity in the country's market for plant-based meat alternatives.

Health could be fertile ground for food manufacturers doing business in ChinaHow Covid-19 might shape consumer trends in China 20 April 2020

Packaged-food companies mulling the post-Covid-19 consumer will be watching China with interest. Our local columnist Peter Peverelli sets out some trends that could take hold.

China - becoming more attuned to Western-style sauces and seasoningsIs China ready for Western-style sauces and dressings? 13 March 2020

Our correspondent Peter Peverelli looks at the cultural barriers that have to be cleared by Western manufacturers attempting to sell sauces and seasonings in China.

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