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Peter PeverelliBiography

Dr Peter Peverelli has been researching the Chinese food & beverage industry for over thirty years. Whilst working at Gist-brocades N.V. he moved to China, and then worked as a consultant, advising European companies in their long-term relations with Chinese partners. In 2001, whilst continuing his consulting practice, Peter joined the Vruije Universiteit Amsterdam, and in 2012 he founded the VU China Research Centre where his research into Chinese entrepreneurship continues. He regularly publishes about the Chinese food and beverage and nutrition industries at his blog chinafoodingredients.com. Peter holds two PhD's.

Articles by Peter Peverelli

Snack makers could find opportunities in China's What do China's high-schoolers want from food? 9 October 2019

After weighing up what China's "post-90" consumer wants from food, Peter Peverelli looks at what 12-to 18-year-olds in the country's "post-00" marketing cohort could be demanding.

China has around 50m vegetarians - 3.5% of populationHow Chinese interest in meat-alternatives is growing 24 September 2019

China may be the largest consumer of pork but there is growing interest in vegetarianism - and in meat-alternative products. Peter Peverelli takes a look.

Selling to China's young, single "post-90" professionals 7 August 2019

In his latest Eye on China column, Peter Peverelli surveys what the country's "post-90" consumer wants from packaged food.

Chinese universities working on improving the make-up of sausagesMuscling in on China's market for meat snacks 3 July 2019

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli chews over the market for meat snacks in China, which has some very local attributes.

China's ice-cream consumption growing but lags behind markets like USHow to milk China's growing ice-cream market 26 June 2019

China's ice cream is growing - and, with per capita consumption low, has room to expand further. Peter Peverelli takes a look.

China - growing appetite for biscuits such as Oreo cookiesWhat drives China's growing appetite for biscuits? 7 May 2019

In his latest dispatch from China, just-food columnist Peter Peverelli unpicks the growing demand for biscuits in the country.

China's changing working habits are reshaping how it eats breakfastHow bread is riding the changing breakfast market in China 2 April 2019

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli illustrates how the more rapid pace of life in China is shaking up the nation's breakfast habits.

Bainian Liyuan eggs one of number of brands on sale in BeijingThe move towards branded agricultural produce in China 5 March 2019

Branded agricultural produce is becoming increasingly sought after in China, as Peter Peverelli reports.

Why China's elderly is a lucrative market segment 7 February 2019

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli outlines why food manufacturers operating in the country need to consider its modern, older consumer.

Multi-brand strategy key for chocolate manufacturers in ChinaGlobal brands to see stiffer competition in China's chocolate market 8 January 2019

The consumption of chocolate in China continues to rise, offering opportunities for international manufacturers - but also for ambitious domestic players, Peter Peverelli writes.

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