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Millennials overtook boomers by population size in US in 2015Millennials - What do they think of brands? 10 March 2016

Millennial consumers are a cohort attracting the attention of a growing number of consumer goods companies. Richard Woodard considers the relationship between brands and those seen as having been born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

Millennials expect to continue to up spending on fresh foodMillennials - how are they changing? 10 March 2016

Consumer packaged goods companies are paying increasing attention to the consumer group dubbed millennials. Management consultants at The Boston Consulting Group have analysed the millennial cohort in the US and sought to provide insight into their behaviour. Richard Woodard digs into the study to see how the behaviour has evolved in recent years.

The data breach was said to have affected shopper information, including names, phone numbers and mailing addressesUS: Data breach hit traffic, Target confirms 28 February 2014

A costly data breach hit profits at US retail giant Target Corporation in the fourth quarter but also impacted consumer confidence and traffic.

MEXICO: Walmex Q4 profit down on price cuts 19 February 2014

Retailer Wal-Mart de Mexico, known locally as Walmex, saw its fourth-quarter net profit drop thanks to price cuts and falling consumer confidence.

Wal-Mart is focused on near-term execution to build comp sales in Walmart USUS: Wal-Mart boss outlines strategic objectives 16 October 2013

Increasing comparable store sales in the US, improving international returns and reducing expenses are the key strategic objectives for retail giant Wal-Mart Stores, investors have been told.

Is Carrefour's latest game plan a winner?In the spotlight: Is Carrefour's latest game plan a winner? 2 September 2011

You can take your pick of French apothegms: "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose," or, more succinctly: "Déjà vu." Either way, industry analysts casting their critical eye over Carrefour's latest strategic revamp could be forgiven for thinking they've been here before, writes Richard Woodard.

Independent retailers were hit hardest (Photo credit: Raymond Yau, Flickr)UK: One in ten retailers hit by "horrifying" riots 12 August 2011

At least one in ten of all UK retailers has been impacted by riots and looting during the past few days of civil unrest, according to analysis by the Local Data Company.

Snow dominated discussions over Christmas trading - but will 2011 have some cold economic blasts for the sector?Talking shop: UK retailer fortunes ruled by snow business 14 January 2011

A clutch of the UK's largest food retailers this week revealed how they had performed over the Christmas period, when the country saw some of its worst weather for 20 years. As Richard Woodard reports, there were clear winners and losers.

Analysts were surprised by M&S's cautionComment: M&S at the crossroads ahead of Bolland's blueprint 8 October 2010

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Marks and Spencer's second-quarter sales figures was not so much their strength as the company's keen desire to manage expectations for the rest of the year.

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